We wanted to capture what the activists had to say. Here you have bits and pieces of how they see the situation and what is being done to overcome the problem of sorcery related violence. 

This is a 10 minutes introductory teaser. If you like it, keep an eye on our website because we will be uploading videos regularly. 


Interview to Lilly Be’soer

From Minj, Jiwaka, Lilly Be’soer, the leader of the organisation Voice for Change, talks here about Sorcery and Witchcraft Related Violence and Women Empowerment.

Interview to Bishop Anton Bal

From Simbu, Bishop Bal talks about sorcery related accusations, their consequent violence and the approach that the Catholic Church is taking to overcome it.

National Action Plan

Key stakeholders give their recommendations to address the issue at the national level.

Legal Responses to Sanguma

As Sanguma accusations are a growing problem, here you can see some legal alternatives to sorcery related violence.

Stop Violence Against Women

25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We present you some data about the situation in Papua New Guinea.


Meet few of the many local activists that have something to say regarding sorcery and witchcraft related violence.


Brief introduction to the witchcraft belief in the Highlands of PNG and the forms of violence that arise from it.

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