Stop Sorcery Violence in Papua New Guinea

The Project

Have you heard enough about witch hunting in Papua New Guinea?

What can you find here?

First hand information about real stories, told by those women and men who have been directly involved. Get a new insight from the hands of survivors, Human Rights Defenders and local activists. Discover the real extent of the problem and, especially, what is being done to overcome it.

A different approach

“Stop Sorcery Violence” wants to bring a constructive perspective. We will highlight the work of those local women and men that are taking a stand against sorcery and witchcraft accusations, providing assistance to victims and survivors and advocating for a positive change.

The story behind

International media tends to portrait the most negative side of the sorcery violence. We have the intention to capture a more representative discourse that analyzed the issue of SRV in a much deeper way. It is time to show that Papua New Guineans are also active agents.

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Here we are!


“Stop Sorcery Violence” has the intention of becoming a reference point for the initiatives taken to overcome the problem of the violence arising from sorcery and witchcraft related accusations. If you are interested on this issue and have any comments or suggestions, we will be very happy to listen to you.


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